In the midst of a global pandemic where so many are hurting, “Sickness and Disease” by ShayBriggs is a simple yet bold declaration that God is still a healer.

“I put on the beat for this song to begin my writing process when my husband walked into the room and in a joking way shouted, ‘sickness and disease back up off of me’. But that joke struck me in the heart and brought to mind the words of God in Exodus 15:26 ‘I am the Lord, who heals you’. I instantly knew what I was going to write about.”

She continued, “In my life, God has healed me in so many ways physically, emotionally, and mentally. God has the heart of a father and desires to heal us. When he sent Jesus to pay for our sins He also ensured that our healing was paid for, too. The heart of this song is to proclaim that God cares for us deeply, God still moves supernaturally, and the blood of Jesus still works!”

Listen to ShayBriggs Below: