Reconcile Signs Artist B-ALIVE to Revolutionaries Label; Get to Know Him

Reconcile is one of the most recognized faces in the Christian rap community because of his commitment to discipleship and reaching the streets for the kingdom. Now, his ministry is expanding as his label Revolutionaries has just signed B-ALIVE.

Here’s what you need to know.


B-ALIVE is a Philadelphia-based hip-hop artist who joins the label on a partnership deal that provides marketing support to established independent artists.

While B-Alive has had a great rapport with Reconcile, he was also drawn to the partnership to aid in building out a new segment of hip-hop, which Reconcile dubs as “Street Gospel.”

“B-Alive is a great artist,” said Reconcile. “He’s been one of my favorites for a long time. He works and is an inspiration to those that seek a different life outside of the circumstances they may be in currently.”

One example is B-Alive’s new release, “Pray 4 Da Trap,” a song about the struggle to walk away from a life of crime. His experiences in Philadelphia and jail inspired the song. He explains, “When I got out, I went back to making secular music but wasn’t fulfilled, so I decided to change my life and never looked back.’”

What are you hoping to accomplish with Revolutionaries?

I hope to accomplish God’s will first and foremost by spreading the ministry. Then I hope to establish a healthy and blessed career in music. I would also like to open the door for similar artists that come from the places I came from to use their talents for the Lord.

What is your purpose as an artist?

My purpose as an artist is to give the world a positive sound they can rock with instead of listening to negative music all the time.

Why do you create Street Gospel music?

I create Street Gospel music because of where I’m from. I know many people who have never heard of Christian rap and the stuff they had heard they couldn’t relate to. So I create music they can both understand and rock with.


As someone who has struggled with moving away from a life of crime, what practical advice do you have for those trying to do the same?

Jail is super nutty. You can’t help ya family, you can’t help ya kids, you can’t do anything. You can’t even get good food. If you value those things, then it’s wise to stay out of there. You have to want more for your life. Being locked up opened my eyes. Seeing someone who’s 18 with life and knowing they will never leave was heartbreaking. It’s so easy to get in trouble. Having God and the Holy Spirit, it’s easier to want to live a good life.

You used to make secular music. Why did you switch to Street Gospel?

I felt like I was making good music that could have gotten me everything I wished for, but I was unhappy. I had the holy spirit in me, and I was giving up on it every day. When I woke in the morning, I was sad because I knew I was made for greatness. Yeah, I was making good music. Yeah, I had the hood behind me, I even talked to an A&R’s daily, but it wasn’t what God called me to do. So I came to CHH and made up my mind that this was where God wanted me to be.

Buy and stream his new track “Holy Bars” here.


Written by Edward Boice

Edward Boice is a freelance journalist who, like every other writer without a fortune, is grinding hourly to keep a writing career in a video-obsessed world. Mostly known for his role of copy editor at Rapzilla.com, he also writes for local newspapers and press releases for music artists. Whenever he's not hunched over a computer typing methodically, Boice is playing a board or card game with his wife and friends or jamming to Christian Rap and Post-Hardcore.

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