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JustHis League Presents: 7 Last Words [Listen Here]

JustHis League Presents: 7 Last Words [Listen Here]

For over a decade, Christian Hip Hop’s ‘Wu Tang’ has shown their versatility, showcasing a love of pop culture through the lens of faith. This time around the JustHis League has come together to bring you a project that is truly special.

With this most recent effort, 7 Last Words, the team bands together to take listeners on a musical journey into the last moments of Jesus Christ.

Sourced from the New Testament, parallels are drawn to both examine the current state of the world and empathize with humanity’s Savior. Clearly, the band members are influenced by a variety of musical genres, contentious life experiences, and dynamic relationships. With this newest release, however, it bears witness that the Word of God is the group’s bedrock.

The aim of  7 Last Words is to empower the newly converted, enrich the faithful believer, and educate the lost as well as excite them about the truth of the risen Christ. The album is carefully crafted to feature several of the League’s members in a way that is both soulful and spiritual. Biblically sound and musically pleasing, the replay value of this EP is tremendous!

1. Father Forgive Them (feat. D. Jax & E. Quipped)
2. Paradise (feat. Cutright)
3. Behold Thy Son (feat. B. Meads)
4. Forsake Me (feat. Ike Hill)
5. Thirsty (feat. Glassez Tha Emcee)
6. It Is Finished (feat. Chose!)
7. Into Thy Hands (feat. Phresh & Ron Smith)

Listen to JustHisLeague Below:

Get the project here.


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