Last month we did an interview with Hulvey surrounding his Christopher project. In addition to him telling us about his scrapped project around the Keep Breathing initiative, he said he has unreleased songs that’ll never come out.

“There are songs that just won’t come out,” said Hulvey. “One that I had in the clip with Thi’sl and Fern. It just didn’t end up panning out on the album. It was dope and such a cool moment…sometimes records are great but I just don’t feel like this fits.”

Perhaps the song was from when the below Tweet was posted?

“There’s definitely songs that won’t ever see the light of day,” he added. “It’s hard when you have people you look up to on a song and it doesn’t pan out.”

The “Christ-bearer” is so sure the song won’t drop, he said they are free to use their verses for something else.

“The beat was crazy,” he concluded.

Watch Hulvey Below (2:22 mark):