Hulvey spoke to us about his debut album Christopher and we did a bit of a deep dive into the life of “Christopher” to see how he got to where he’s at now.

On Christopher, there’s a song called “9th Grade.” After doing some digging, there was a report that Hulvey knew he wanted to be a rapper after performing at his 9th-grade talent show.

He wrote to a beat he found on YouTube but could not remember any of the words.

“I had some crazy punchlines though,” he admitted. “They [crowd] were losing it.”

He continued, “When that happened, I felt like a G. I felt like I could win a Grammy after that…In 11th grade, I won again.”

For Hulvey, it was a confidence booster and let him know that he’s supposed to do this.

Hulvey also made a song called “State Bound” for his high school basketball team that was going to the state championship. It went viral locally and was even covered by ESPN.

Then we peeled a layer back further about Hulvey’s time as a soccer star in high school.

Asked to Hulvey: “Were you a soccer player? Were you a goalie? Were you a 5x player of the game?” The answer to all three questions was “YES.”

“I almost played in college but decided to do music instead. Soccer was fun…that adrenaline rush you get back there is insane.”

He also shared: “I would rap on the bus. I’d get people in their feelings…on the way back from games I’d be freestyling over beats and getting people emotional.”

“I think I would have been playing soccer if music was never a thing.”

Watch Hulvey Talk About This (12:35 mark):