GAMiE releases ‘Sermon Notes’ Vol. 1, a compilation of his rap recap series

Nigerian rapper Olumide Okesanjo popularly known as GAMiE is back with another super impressive project titled Sermon Notes Vol. 1. Since the start of the year, the rapper has been making rap versions of Sunday sermons from his church as he dwells on different topics in the scripture.

GAMiE is changing the game with this new way of sharing the gospel, one that many other artists might possibly tap into.

“It’s my creative way of sharing my sermon notes with fans. Every week I record a new song and shoot a video which I then post on various social media platforms. I remain committed to this creative effort and will be serving you more awesome songs and videos every week in 2021,” he said.

The debut of his Sermon Notes Vol. 1 is out now. We look forward to more from GAMiE.

Listen to GAMiE Below:


Written by Olusola Adenusi

I'm a content creator, writer, music critic, lover of Politics. Nigerian. Christ lover. Lead Writer for iRapChrist (A Christian hip hop platform).

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