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Corey Paul Explains How George Floyd’s Past Led Him to Impact His Community

Last year, we hosted Corey Paul on Community During Chaos to talk about his 2020 experience. During the conversation, we asked Paul about his interactions with the late George Floyd.

To Paul, Floyd was an anomaly. Big Floyd grew up like most black boys in the hood. Not only did he “represent the struggle we all embody” Paul explained, but he found Christ and became “transparent” about his journey. Because of that, Paul explained, he was a voice that held the respect of his and other communities.

“The most illuminating – I think is the best word – point in his character is that Floyd was a well-respected, admired voice of positive progression and the gospel in his neighborhood. People may look at Floyd or someone like Floyd, and when I say ‘like Floyd’ I mean a black man from a low-income neighborhood who had it rough, they may look at those people a certain way. But what they don’t realize is that you could never have the influence that he has. The young kids we want saved and we want to help, Floyd is their voice.”

What people who criticize Floyd need to realize, Corey Paul said, is that many Christians have a dark past and then become new and good through Jesus. The apostle Paul embodies this path. Who a faithful Christian was is not who they are now.

“The crux of the theology we study is written by a man who embodies the same type of lifestyle,” Corey Paul said.

Paul then recalls the first time he met Floyd. Reconcile and Paul had a concert meant to share the gospel near where Floyd live, Houston’s Third Ward. Floyd introduced himself to the two rappers afterward. Later, The rappers went to shoot visuals and held a Bible study in Third Ward. After seeing what they were about, Floyd gave them his hood endorsement.

Watch Corey Paul Below:

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