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Top 10 Christian Rap Albums Released in March & April 2021

It’s been incredible to digest so much of the music that was created during isolation. Here in the early-going 2021, there’s been an insane amount of music to listen to. This list today started as a list of 30 albums, but that would’ve been daunting for anyone to sort through. Here’s a list of 10 that I am confident you will enjoy. This is shaping up to be a terrific year for Christian rap!

KRUM – Black Lung (Apple Music)

C Duffle – Prevail (Apple Music)

Saint James – Grace (Deluxe) (Apple Music)

Cephas – We Will Go (Apple Music)

Coop – Childlike EP (Apple Music)

Hulvey – Christopher (Apple Music)

Rio 24k – The Beauty Of Freedom II (Apple Music)

Young Parker – Lost & Found (Apple Music)

Propaganda – Terraform: The People EP

The Dream Sequence – Dreaming Wide Awake: Act 1 (Apple Music)

Which of these Christian Rap albums has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments!

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Luc DiMarzio

Written by Luc DiMarzio

Luc has been a fan of CHH for 30 years, and has been writing about it for just over 4 years. He has a huge passion for amplifying the underground of CHH.

When he's not bumpin hip-hop, you can catch him leading worship at his local church, rooting on the Chicago Cubs with his wife, or swimming with his kids.

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