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We’re going to kick off this show by spouting off another win for Wande! My choice for 2021 Artist of the Year was selected to be on a reality show called “Young & Gospel” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel. The show will also feature Koryn Hawthorne, Bri Babineaux, and Jekalyn Carr.

The unscripted show will follow the lives of these gospel artists as they pursue their dreams and live life on their own terms while staying true to their faith and their families.

Social Justice And CHH Part I: A Decade With Lecrae And Derek Minor

We have an article that is blowing up on social media right now called Social Justice and CHH Part I: A Decade with Lecrae and Derek Minor. Many people who are complaining about Crae and Derek’s “sudden wokeness” have been missing the point for 10 years already. They never really changed who they were and have been communicating with us the whole time.

The article takes a look at pivotal songs in their catalog dating back to 2011 that speak on social issues. It’s a great read and four more parts are coming!


On Thursday, March 25th we have a dope interview with Hulvey dropping on YouTube where you get to hear his heart about his new album Christopher and a lot more! Stay tuned.

We have a couple of dope drops on Rapzilla too: We have videos from a pair of Rapzilla freshmen, Marc Stevens for “Made Something” and 350 for 350 for “Drive Me Home.” We also have a dope video on the channel for CJ Emulous for the song “Sheep.” Check out those dope releases now!


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