Two World Creative’s (TWC) released their first song of the new year entitled “Seasons”, accompanied by a music video.

“Seasons” opens with a nocturnal rhythm reminiscent of a lullaby, as Afro-soul artist and producer Afuhmbom introduces the song’s concept.

β€œChange, an ever-present reality, can only be navigated through with the support of one’s Creator who remains constant,” says Zaire Ink and Afuhmbom.”

Rapper, Zaire Ink proceeds to explore the tension between ambition and contentment, advocating for a lifestyle of hope, grounded in gratitude.

Compelled by the unforeseen events that engulfed the entire globe in 2020, Two World Creatives endeavored to compose a single that is relatable to those unaccustomed to change and struggling to accept it. “Seasons” therefore is an ode to a faith-based lifestyle that promises a better tomorrow.

Watch Two World Creatives Below: