Proverbs 18:22 says that “For He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.” Singer Jack Red, multi-talented artist and filmmaker Rhyan LaMarr, and rapper Datin it was a meeting of the minds.

To create a grown man vibe that discusses marriage, falling in love during a time where distance is being celebrated and encouraged was a no-brainer for the three. In these tough times, many are facing, going the extra mile for that special someone is welcomed and well-defined in this coming of age song titled “Distance.”

The music video is really a short film. The beginning has an almost “barber-shop” type feel of an honest conversation. As a “groom to be” prepares himself for holy matrimony, he finds himself out the day before his wedding with a group of his peers, from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds, ideologies, and beliefs.

Together in fellowship and in vulnerable comfortability, they discuss marriage and relationships within the confines of an empty brewery.

Then from the dialogue, we are switched over into a vibrant, yet black and white music video performance. It’s simple and captures the true essences of love through the lens of three grown Christian men as they articulate what it means to be in love braided through marriage.

Watch the Rhyan LaMarr directed music video on Rapzilla:

Watch the full short film *Warning, non-graphic adult language about sex*: