Marcus Hollinger, the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Reach Records and the co-founder of Portrait Coffee was a guest on the Plated by Dads Podcast. He joined the Instagram Live show to talk about his coffee roasting company and soon-to-be storefront – Portrait Coffee.

Portrait is changing the way the African American community is consuming coffee. This Black-owned business is taking coffee back to its roots – created by black people. In fact, Hollinger says coffee was created in Ethiopia, which is also one of their blends.

The coffee company has a number of impressive collaborations and accolades. They recently just won Artisan of the Year from Slow Food ATL. But perhaps their coolest collab is with Reach Records as they partnered for the ‘Unashamed Pre-Amp’ Coffee for music lovers.


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Marcus said that Reach co-founder Ben Washer is a coffee lover and so is Biz the lead engineer who there all day and night sometimes. He also explained that at Reach they take coffee seriously and they teach every intern to make a great cup of coffee.

The team at the label is very supportive of Portrait and someone in marketing suggested Reach carrying coffee on the e-commerce store. From there the ball got rolling.

“A good cup of coffee between two people can spark dialogue…that’s what we’re trying to do at Reach.”

Watch Plated by Dads x Portrait Coffee Below (16:22 mark)


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