Lakemann dropped his new single “Forest Green.” He had a lot to say about it too:

This song, which might be a bit of an eyebrow-raiser upon first listen, actually takes its root from Mark 8:36. It’s a song highlighting this generation’s love and pursuit of money and glamour. I made this track with an intentional over-exaggeration of what I hear in music today, hoping that it might make people think. Especially as I try to emphasize the fact that a lot of lyrical content today is full with statements that aren’t even true.

The verse is where I kind of call the bluff not only myself when I slip into a money mindset, but indirectly toward the culture. The very fast-paced “bag now, talk later” culture. So many talents and gifts are muted from solely chasing this one thing. Which is why I’m so passionate about it. wanting to see people for who they are, utilized for the purposes we were created with over what we might pretend to be. 

Listen to Lakemann Below: