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Grammy Wins

We had two artists in the CHH community win Grammys on Sunday. First, shout out to Derek Minor who took home a win for his contribution to the Fisk Jubilee Singers album Celebrating Fisk in the Best Roots Gospel Album category. Next, shout out to Kanye West who according to the Grammys is a CCM artist as he won Best Contemporary Christian Album for Jesus is King.

GAWVI and Hulvey

Next, GAWVI revealed his new Spanish project Noche Juvenil aka youth night. The project is coming soon! Also coming soon, is Hulvey’s full project debut – Christopher. It will be dropping on April 9th. 


NF dropped his music video with Hopsin for the song “Lost,” off his upcoming mixtape Clouds. The song is pulling in ridiculous numbers as his fans are showing up as much as ever.

Angie Rose

Finally, we have a new episode of Pen Game 101 with Angie Rose as we discussed her newest project Unstoppable. Let’s just say that her freestyle ability is unparalleled in the genre and this is a must-watch!


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