Last year, we chatted with label owner and artist manager Erinn Knight on Community During Chaos. During the conversation, Knight revealed and explained her desire to only work with African American creators, especially black women.

As an artist manager, Knight works and hires many freelancers, such as photographers and creative directors. Since she has the power to choose who she hires, Knight wants to build her community up by having available more jobs, provide a spotlight, and access to money.

“My goal, right now, is to use my influence to put money into a community that is underserved, and right now, that is my community. I’m looking for black women specifically, then after that black people, and then minorities,” Knight said. “So there’s less access for us to have opportunities and things like that. Another way for me to be effective is to make sure the budgets I have are being allocated in those directions.”

Another way she supports her community is by only wearing t-shirts created by people in Atlanta or artists she works with. She wants to keep Atlanta money circulating in Atlanta.

“The black dollar only circulates for less than six hours, which is the least of any community. The Asian community I think is six days, white American is like 24 days,” Knight said.

To be clear, Knight will work with anyone she needs to. She just wants to use her money to better support her hometown.

Watch Erinn Knight Below (11:08 minute mark):