Last year, we had Derek Minor on Community During Chaos. From the start of the conversation, Minor dropped gem after gem of valuable information. In one section, he talked about his research into the history of Christianity and racism.

Minor used to think that it was evangelicals, the good guys versus the atheist, bad guys. After diving into history, his perspective has changed. In the past and even now, there are “good Christians” who are also racist.

“When you go back to look at history…it wasn’t atheists going into Africa and stealing black people. It was Christians, in the name of God. Oh, the Crusades? Christian. Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? Christians,” Minor said. “Obviously, you had abolitionists who were Christians, shoutout to them, but by-and-large, people who were trying to keep the whole world of white supremacy in line were southern Christians. Like southern, good Christian folk, who would go to church,  pray to God, then hang a n**** out back by the tree.”

Minor said these folk used to make postcards with photos of them standing next to lynchings. In the 1800s, the Baptist church split into northern and southern because the southern church believed slavery was theologically sound.

“That is why I always find it puzzling when people say ‘this is not a physical one, it’s a spiritual problem’. No, it’s a physical problem too.”

The increasing knowledge of Christianity’s ties with racism has made him numb. Minor said he is also confused as to how to use this knowledge.

Watch Derek Minor Below (44:09 mark):