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Christian Rap Artists Making Viral TikToks & the Songs that are Taking Off

Christian Rap Artists Making Viral TikToks & the Songs that are Taking Off

TikTok is a gold mine and an awesome opportunity for music artists to get even closer to their fanbase. Christian Rap has been doing just that, and some of their videos and songs have become viral TikToks. Let’s check out some of them.

**Research done by Robert Holloway. Write up by Ed Boice.**

Viral Videos

Lecrae and Andy Mineo are no surprises to have made a few viral hits. Andy generally has been creating comedy and story videos, while Lecrae has been doing faith-based content. They’ve had major success with their song “Coming in Hot.” Even Kim Kardashian used their song in a video! 

Watch Andy Mineo and Lecrae Below:

@therealandymineoHow I became a rapper and made my dreams come true. #fyp #story #rapper #andymineo♬ how GREAT I am by Aj Greene – Aj Greene?

@_lecrae#fyp #God #Athiest #Faith #thoughts♬ Day ‘n’ Nite – Kid Cudi

@_lecraeI’m over it! Here’s why. #fyp #god #atheist #religion #faith #spiritual♬ Drive Forever – Remix – Sergio Valentino

The King’s Dream signee has made a home for himself on TikTok. Paul Russell’s strategy has been creating skits that are narrated by a fresh song. It’s worked more than once!

Watch Paul Russell Below:

@paulrussellmusicthe moment covid’s over #music #science101 #rapper #fyp♬ original sound – Paul Russell

@paulrussellmusic#Ad #GladJingleContest NO PURCH NEC U.S. 16+ Ends 3/18/21. Rules & Restrictions: bit.ly/3a7TmBS♬ It’s All Glad – Glad

@paulrussellmusicThis one’s for Britney #90saesthetic #britneyspears #freebritney♬ …Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

Reach Records’ queen has stuck to music videos and challenges on her account. Wande’s song “Woo,” which was used in an Apple commercial, never really took off on its own on TikTok unfortunately. Luckily, some of her own videos have.

Watch Wande Below:

@omgitswandewhen @nickiminaj ‘s verse is your real life #imlegit #obamas #femalerapper #christian #fyp♬ I’m Legit – Nicki Minaj – ???????

@omgitswandeBars for da Lord #savageremix #savage #freestyle #christian #christiangirl #viral #notfyp♬ original sound – OMGitsWande

If anyone has proved that small Christian Rap artists can make it big on TikTok, it’s Caleb Gordon in terms of notoriety. While he is the smallest artist in this article, he has landed a couple of viral videos through his own music.

Watch Caleb Gordon Below:

@calebgordon13Locomotive pt.3 #fyp #christian #foryoupage #liveperformance #music #gospel #rap♬ original sound – CalebGordon13

@calebgordon13All glory to God they jammin while the working out #fyp #foryoupage #chrisitian #nba #music #gospel♬ original sound – CalebGordon13

It’s no secret Tobe Nwigwe has been blowing up on TikTok. Nwigwe’s music videos are so explosive and action-packed, that they are perfect for Tiktok. Above are his biggest hits, but he has many more viral videos.

Watch Tobe Nwigwe Below:

@tobenwigwe##arrestthecopswhomurderedbreonnataylor♬ original sound – tobenwigwe

@tobenwigweBEST FAT VERSE EVER.♬ original sound – tobenwigwe

@tobenwigweSTILL. ##arresttheklillersofbriannataylor♬ original sound – tobenwigwe

Viral Songs

Konata Small & Crispin
74.8K videos

Tobe Nwigwe
87.5K videos

“I’ll Find You”
29.5K videos

Then of course there is Lecrae and Andy Mineo’s “Coming in Hot” which has taken off so far ahead of everything else, here’s a whole article about it.

Let us know which Christian rap artists you follow on TikTok.


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