Many things feed us. What we listen to, what we see daily, (either by choice or natural occurrences) nuggets we take from people we look up to.  These things mold us gradually to become our entity. Music is one of the things that feed the soul richly and this article would be emphasizing that.

Music is very powerful. It’s a tool that can influence those who listen to it either positively or negatively and it’s more than just the melody and the vibes. It’s always more than that. The lyrics, the message behind it, the artist singing the song, and the GROWTH of that artist as it reflects in their music as the years roll by.

It is of no doubt that we as the listeners have observed a couple of things in the life of artists and in the music they produce that has changed or diverted to something else entirely that is not exactly negative but just different from what they used to be. It could be a great or a not-so-great change.

Andy Mineo

Two months ago, an article was published on this website where I expatiated on the impact that Andy Mineo’s song, “Shame” had on my life. I was particular about the fact that Mineo was open about his struggles because it was something I was able to relate with strongly.

But it was beyond me being able to relate to the song or just listen to it and be like, “Oh my God! This song was certainly written for me!” and then going back to the status quo after listening to the song. It was about seeing Andy Mineo get out of those struggles and become the Lord’s child. It was possible for him even when it didn’t seem like that initially.

He was able to give his heart to God to make him whole and brand new. It made me want to know what it would look like to be free; to know what it was like to experience God and want to stay under his influence forever.

So I dug further on my own and was able to understand that yielding yourself to God’s love, trusting in Him to do all things by His strength, and building up a desire to always please Him by fleeing from sin and not just relying on information even if it’s the right kind was the way to being free.

I was able to walk under that revelation and thankfully, it influenced my life to the point where I was able to share what I had discovered to someone else or rather a certain amount of people via these couple of articles I have been posting particularly the one before this.

Essentially, the positive growth of an artist could equally influence a positive growth in the life of the listeners as well.

Montell Fish is another wonderful example for me. Recently, I listened to the tracks in his album, Camp Lukewarm and it affected me so much in the spiritual sense. Certainly, I knew it was more than the music for me. There was a hunger for God in the concept of that album that struck a chord in me.

Also, I went further (like I would always do once I discover an artist I love) and watched a couple of his videos on Instagram and went through his tweets and what I was able to take from his content was the fact that we as Christians MUST be the genius that God has called us to be.

Montell Fish

What I saw in Montell Fish was him making art bow down to him effortlessly. I mean, yes talent is defined as the skill we naturally possess and are good at doing with little or no effort but it was more than that for me thanks to the God factor in everything.

He is so creative with Christian art and it really resonated with me in a way that I felt the urge to be excellent at what I find myself doing right now and I can maximize my creativity in such a way that people will see me and see God’s glory on my life. So, that urge modified my mindset and awakened the desire in me to never settle until I am able to use my talent in the very best way so I can bless a life like Montell Fish blessed mine.

While it’s important to look closely at the lives of people whose content edifies our souls richly, it’s important that we don’t idolize them and be able to look at God being the ultimate source of strength for these artists and for us as well. Their lifestyles should simply lead us to depend on God because they do the same.

That being said, I believe it’s up to the listener how he can effectively discern the journey of an artist, knowing what the Lord is leading the artist to do per time and drawing lessons from it as a listener to impact the lives of people around him.

You can only teach or impart knowledge that you know and someone’s destiny or the changing point of their life can depend on that knowledge you should acquire. By the grace of God, take that seriously.

Being able to discern what God is leading an artist to do in that season all boils down to your intentionality and your walk with God because it is more than the music. The artist has a journey, the listener too.

Listeners should be able to understand the artist’s journey through their music so that it’s not just based on vibes. Both the artist and listener are of the same body of believers, so listening to music that way, will make the artist have more impact through the music and the listener get more from the artist.

Take what you can from whatever it is that feeds your soul, music being the major context here and make the best use of it preferably by letting it reflect in your lifestyle because actions and conducts speak louder than words and someone whose life would change just might depend on the way you live your life exactly the way your life has changed from watching these artists live theirs.

This is a charge to believers and Christians to take your purpose in life seriously to the minute details such as the way you live your life on a daily and be intentional about the music you listen to. Hearing God or receiving a word that can change your life has no limited sources. It’s not only through the Bible, visions, and dreams, or a word of knowledge that you can hear from God. Music is a good source too, so be intentional about everything you feed to your soul.

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not copy the behavior and customs of this world but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” (NLT)

I pray God gives us the grace to be intentional about living holy lives because it is a perpetual race. The kingdom needs you!