Another month has gone by, another installment of Christian Rap artists you may not have heard of. This month is a mix of established with upcoming. Let me know what you think!

Lord Badu

He just released a compilation of all his previous releases, called Seasons at the beginning of the year and it’s dope. Lord Badu has the versatility to what he brings, with flows and with singability. His art is fresh and his creativity is above the bar. Lord Badu’s Spotify Page

Elo Kay

I’m so excited to introduce you to Elo, as he’s probably the first Danish rapper I’ve ever listened to. A lot of his stuff is really hyped, and man he can truly rock a mic. Elo Kay’s Spotify Page


New Jersey artist Silnce has the potential to make some noise. I feel like he’s at a good point with his performances, but needs help with art direction and mixing. Silnce has some nice tunes though and some good features to boot. Silnce’s Spotify Page


Lanre just dropped his newest project Needless To Say and it’s so good. He also just dropped a bonus track to it that featured a Dilla beat. The bars are next level with this artist. Keep your ears open and eyes peeled for Lanre. Lanre’s Spotify Page

Which of these Christian rap artists are you hearing for the first time? Who should I feature next? Comment Below