Last year we had Reconcile on an episode of Community During Chaos. The conversation at the time was still surrounding the racial tension going on in America and he had the unique perspective of knowing George Floyd personally.

When Floyd was killed, Reconcile and Corey Paul were quick to say that “George Floyd was a man of peace.”

When asked about the emotions of that day, Rec explained that he saw some of the video but shut it because it was too heavy for him. Then, when he went on Instagram, he started seeing “RIP Big Floyd” and he realized who it was.

“The world don’t know Floyd like we knew Floyd…the whole Third Ward,” he said. “Like a big brother, a father figure. Someone who actually made it out.”

At the time, Reconcile said he was in a discipleship program in a Minnesota church. He was in the process of turning his life around and was helping many people.

“He had a past just like everyone else…but he was a beautiful person.”

The rapper then recalled a story about how Floyd helped out with a baptismal event.

Reconcile then went on to speak about the important conversations he had with his kids. He even shared a bit about his upbringing and background and first-hand experience with racism.

Watch Reconcile Below (27-minute mark):