Last year, we had Reconcile on an episode of Community During Chaos. The conversation at the time was still surrounding the racial tension going on in America. To Reconcile, Floyd’s death is another reminder that Christians need to be spreading God’s love and message. From his point of view, Christian Rap has strayed away from that purpose.

“I’m not feeling the music that Christian Rap is making. I feel like the music is way too complacent. The music is cornybally. The music isn’t hard,” Reconcile said. “Not to say that everyone needs to do a certain thing, but I think we lost the urgency.”

Instead of rapping about the creator, he believes artists have become too focused on streams and being relevant. While artists think about their music career, people are being self-destructive with their sin, something that only Jesus can pull them out of. Christian Rap has the ability to make a change, Reconcile believes, but only if they fully represent him.

“When we represent Christ, nobody thinks that’s corny. People say ‘man, this dude got hope. I’ve been living hopeless and this dude talking about hope, so I’m listening,” Reconcile said. “It’s corny when we stop talking about what we believe in.”

Another danger he talked about is becoming too removed from the culture. Believers can’t represent and sometimes lose their perception of how people think and act.

“You are supposed to be in the world, not of the world. Not out of the world and not in any conversations, not making any change.”

Watch Reconcile Below (50-minute mark):