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Rapzilla.com Staff Picks

We’re sorry it took so long, but we finally have our Rapzilla.com Staff picks for 2020. A few weeks ago we let you know what the viewers chose, now we’re letting you see who we picked.
The overall choices were averaged by the staff picks and then you have the option to see who we all chose individually. Let us know who’s list most matches yours!

Datin’s Next Signing

Datin just announced his next signee to Menace Movement Records! This time he’s adding an R&B artist to the fold and her name is Jes Norris. Datin has a solid ear for talent, so let’s see what she brings to the table in 2021!

NXTMIKE & the Trapship Collective 

Rapper NXTMIKE is doing something special with his indie label Trapship Collective. He’s on the quest to bring together young talented artists who have an affinity for creating worship-infused rap/trap music. Luc DiMarzio chatted with him about what could be the next big label in CHH.

10 UK CHH Artist to Watch in 2021

Ben Larcombe for the second year in a row has highlighted 10 UK CHH artists to look out for in 2021. Think of this like his freshmen list, because he’s anticipating a blow-up from these “real English” speakers across the pond. Let us know which of these artists you’re checking out for the first time.

Legends of the Culture: Derek Minor

I wrote the second installment of Legends of the Culture. This article focused on CHH’s cool uncle Derek Minor. Minor has cemented himself as someone who is there for everyone when they need it. There are so many behind-the-scenes stories and countless conversations that show his character and heart. Read about it on Rapzilla.


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