Today, NF revealed his next project, a mixtape titled Clouds. Looking at the tracklist on Apple Music, a quick glance through will reveal NF has two artists featuring: Hopsin and Tech N9ne.

As an artist who is known for sticking to himself. The two features are somewhat unprecedented for him. NF including features is not uncommon for him. What is strange is that the two features on this mixtape are both rappers.

Listen to NF’s New Single Below:

Looking at his discography of four albums and one EP, NF has a total of seven artist features. Only one of those features raps on a track, Marty from Social Club Misfits. The rest are singers or rappers that exclusively sang on NF’s records; Sasha Sloan, Ruelle, Andrea Moss, Fluerie, Jeremiah Carlson, and Britt Nicole. Mansion has three features, and Therapy Session has two. So while having two features on Clouds is not strange for the Michigan rapper, the features being rappers who, assumably, will show off their skill is new.

NF has been tied to Hopsin in the past, and he has an Instagram picture with him. Hopsin veery famously has toyed with Christianity and has revealed his struggles with and eventual loss of faith. Tech9 is also an interesting choice. The rapid-fire southern rapper is sure to trade fast flows with NF.

Tech9 isn’t exactly a stranger to CHH either. He has spoken to Andy Mineo and they’ll do something when it makes sense.

So what does this mean for NF? The brand NF decides to portray is extremely stringent. The guy kept the black hoodie for his baby’s gender reveal. This mixtape allows him to relax the brand and release music and content he wants to but hasn’t been able to due to his brand dedication. Based on how successful NF’s drive and brand has been, it’s doubtful he will throw it to the wayside now. People change, however, so perhaps this is the start of a shift for the rapper.

Check out NF’s mixtape announcement here.