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NF Reveals Clouds (The Mixtape)

NF is back with a new single and music video for “CLOUDS” and has announced a new mixtape. CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) will release on March 26, 2021, and has a total of eleven tracks with features from Hopsin and Tech N9ne which is pretty crazy. Are you excited for this? Let us know in the comments.

Andy Mineo Hints at Leaving Reach Records

Alright alright, before you start yelling about clickbait and whatever. Andy did not say he was leaving Reach but in an Instagram Live he played a new track that says, “Got one more year then I’m out of the deal, might go independent can do it like dyl. The Crew’s HipHop Corner isolated the clip that sparked this story. It’s an interesting take, Andy has Miner League and the fan base to now go it alone. What do you think, is this a possibility or are people reading too much into a line?

Rapzilla Freshmen Nominees

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting a few months for. Sorry, the last year and months have been wild, for everyone including us. So we are a bit behind with things but now we are ready. If you go on the website you will see a poll containing 35 nominees of artists and producers to be the next Rapzilla Freshmen 15 plus the fan pick. The rules and stipulations are listed there. Let us know who you’re voting for, every vote counts! VOTE HERE.


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