KB Shares Story of When He Feared for His Life

Last year KB joined Rapzilla for an episode of Community During Chaos to talk about the impact of 2020. One of the stories he shared with us is about an unfortunate incident with a police officer from May.

“I’ve had 10 to 15 encounters with police in my life,” he said. “Half of them were harassment.” One of those times was him being pulled over for suspiciously making a U-Turn while coming home from Bible college. He said guns were drawn.

KB then acknowledged the good experiences he had with cops and knows they aren’t all bad. However, an incident in May of last year left him shaken.

He was sitting in his driveway talking to Joseph Solomon on Facetime at 11 p.m. KB then watched a cop car drive past behind him. The officer saw him, then turned around and came up to his car and shined the light in his face blinding him.

“He disrespectfully made me explain why I was in my driveway,” said the rapper. “He tried to justify why he tried to approach me.”

KB said there were other neighbors out and about that could have been stopped.

“There may have been a myriad of reasons but I can tell you how it felt like to me,” he revealed. “And I can tell you how afraid I was. Solomon started recording immediately.”

The HGA rapper said that reform is needed to do better and it should be led by the church. “The church has a strong history of leading reform when they have a seat at the table.”

He then spoke about the Boston 10 Point Coalition.

At the Boston Ten Point Coalition we are convinced that together we can end patterns of violence in Boston.  To do this it is critically important for the health of Boston communities that faith-based institutions, leaders and representatives from all corners of our communities cooperate in city-wide crime reduction efforts and youth intervention.  Read about our “Community Cluster Model”  below to learn more about the innovative ways BTPC is partnering for a better future.

Read more about it here.


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Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

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