Justin Mitchell (fka PRIMISIS) a former indie CHH recording/performing artist from 2010-2016, known widely for his last creative Forever Green EP (featuring Kadence from Die Daily, and Skrip; with production from OnBeatMusic, Skrip, & Halo Hitz) themed around the Green Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger, and his last single (2016) “FinishLine” (produced by OnBeatMusic).

He took a 5-year hiatus due to some personal reasons; some of which are expressed in his latest mini-mixtape-like drop, “Free-Style Sessions Vol. 1.” Justin has now taken to his own name, not to be behind an alias any longer, and become a full-time Twitch Streamer (GoGo POWERUP) and has birthed in him the ability get back in the studio again and just write the bars and the music he feels led to do. No major focus on “making it”, but rather just getting back to the hunger & passion that got him where he was in the first place; to just eat beats, and bar your life away!…(back to Jesus of course)

“Alarm Clock” serves as a direct representation of the cloth of being an emcee that Justin was cut from. The track features two other emcees from VA Beach, 757’s own, Kamikaze Charles, & D.Faith.

Watch Justin Mitchell Below: