Back in January, we teamed up with Hulvey to have a conversation to kick off the premiere of his music video “Back In the Wick.” During the after-party question session, a watcher asked him what his most impactful life moment was. He came up with two.

The first was when he got saved. He was in a hotel room in Memphis, Tennesee when Jesus spoke to his heart.

“He said ‘follow me’. It was in my heart, it wasn’t out [loud], it was in here,” Hulvey explained. “I heard him. I started weeping for like 30 minutes.”

His second impactful memory occurred at a conference. The worship team was playing a high-energy song, and everyone was worshiping and singing to it. Hulvey, on the other hand, was experiencing a reel of images in his head.

“I’m here weeping with pictures of Christ on the cross, imagining these things in my head. I remember that moment also sticking out to me because it was the reality of Jesus, like the reality of what he did for me and how much the Pharisees hated him, [and] how bad he was beaten.”

Watch Hulvey Here (16:40 minute mark)