Last year, we had Datin on Community During Chaos. During the conversation, Datin reminded the audience to keep their eyes on the end goal as Christians amidst all the current adversity.

In his words, obstacles will always come and go. Christians especially, will face hardships in general and personally. Despite it all, however, while addressing issues is needed, the ultimate goal is to focus on Jesus’ second coming and paving the way for this coming. He then brought up 2 Corinthians chapter 11, where Paul listed what hardships he has gone through for Christ.

“I’m sure he faced racism. I’m sure he faced prosecution. You read about beatings and near-death experiences. He would shrug them off. That does not minimize your pain,” Datin said. “Mourn these things, but keep your eyes fixed on the goal that is ahead and pursue Jesus Christ.”

Datin also warns Christians to not focus too much on emotions. While grieving is necessary, it is possible to make emotions an idol by fixating on them.

“You can spend the next 10 days bitter, be mad at God, and be mad at the world because things don’t look how you want them to, or things are hard right now. Try spending eternity in Hell because you’ve made yourself your god, and your emotions your god.”

Watch Datin Below (1:14:07 mark):