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Bri Smilez Uncovers Satan’s Influence In Culture

Bri Smilez Uncovers Satan’s Influence In Culture

Last year, we had Bri Smilez on Community During Chaos. during the conversation, Bri Smilez called herself a “media missionary,” and she explained why.

In the past couple years, the Christian church has seen some of its leaders fallen due to sexual sin. Now more than ever, the church needs to come clean from its sin and become more proactive against media, Smilez said.

“It’s time for the body of Christ to purify themselves so that we can reflect Him in this corrupted system, this Luciferian indoctrinated system, and it’s time for us to shine for Him alone. You got to pick a side. You cannot be neutral in this warfare,” Smilez said.

To strengthen her point, Smilez summarized the reason why Lucifer succumbed to pride as an angel.

“It says in the Bible that he actually has pipes and vines in his body. Every time he moved he made a harmonious sound. He ushered in the presence of God every day. He saw, through the power of music, how it influenced the atmosphere.”

The atmosphere can be compared to modern-day culture, Smilez explained. Satan can still control the “atmosphere,” God never took away Satan’s ability to do so. Satan will and is using every way he can to corrupt human hearts, and that includes culture. A specific example Smilez used is smartphones.

“Our devices and our phones are the modern-day trees of good and evil. It’s so much so that there’s a bitten-off apple on the back of your phone. Because it’s the portal to infinite information.”

In the end, Smilez said that you, the user, decides how all this information and technology can be used. Will you use it to glorify God or indulge in sin?

Watch Bri Smilez Below (29:18 minute mark):


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