2021 Rapzilla Freshmen Class Nominees Poll (Vote Now)

It’s the 11th year that we’ve done the Rapzilla Freshmen list and our 2021 class is looking to be just as promising and full of potential to be the faces of Christian Rap in the coming years as previous classes have become.

We’ve been hounded by artists and fans asking when we are dropping the list for the last couple of weeks, and we apologize. The craziness that we’ve all been living in has affected us too, so we were a bit behind…

While last year we threw out the rules on the qualifications for being nominated as a Rapzilla Freshmen, this year we decided we needed to set one. Therefore, our NEW RULE is that artists can’t have a retail song that was released before 2017, or older than four years going forward. Paid streaming platforms like Spotify/Apple Music count as retail.

The talent pool for considerations was humongous. When sorting through the nominations, we tried to be as objective as possible. We also took into account the entire team’s suggestions and the recommendations of the Rapzilla audience who replied to our social media posts asking for their picks.

The 2021 Rapzilla Freshmen Class nominees are… 1K Pson, 350, Alcott, Battz, BigBreeze, Carvello (Producer), Chris Soul, Coop, Enzo Gran (Producer), George.Rose, GodFearin (formerly TeeJay), Hilgy, Jekasole, JXHN PVUL, K9, Kham, Konola, L3XDIVINE, Legacy, Levi Parker, Louionten, Lundi, Marc Stevens, MvykeyyJ, Porsha Love, Q-Flo, Quinton Coblentz (Producer), Raw – B, Ray Knowledge, Red Tips, Saint James, Scootie Wop, Still Shadey, tylerhateslife, Will Kellum, and Wxlf.

For the second year in a row, we’re asking the fans to pick an artist for the Reader’s Choice spot in the Rapzilla Freshmen list. In creating the final list of 15 artists, we will take into account the number of votes from this poll. Then, the final 16th spot will be the artist with the highest number of votes who is not in our final 15. Voting ends on Friday (Feb. 26). Click here to open the voting form in a new tab.

Vote on the 2021 Rapzilla Freshmen Class below:

Last year was also the 10th year of the list, so we released an all-time Freshmen List based on reader votes. Read that list hereHere is the full list of last year’s winners.

Also, make sure to check out Rapzilla Freshmen 2020 EP available on all digital music platforms.

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Written by Rapzilla Staff

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