Ṣe Ok released his new single”Running My Race.”

In a time where many young people find themselves questioning their purpose and seeking answer for their longing questions of ‘what their purpose is?’, Alternative Gospel Rapper Ṣe Ok arrives providing an affirmative message in his new single Running my Race. Having spent time in his younger years struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression, Ṣe Ok found music to be a form of expression that could heal and inspire him to spend time paying attention to his own pursuit of purpose.

Quite recently, Ṣe Ok was crowned with a LoveWorld International Music and Arts Award for his chart-topping single Get High. By the end of 2020, he had cemented his position as an Alternative Gospel Rapper with his Christian Anthem Lion of Judah which took the #1 spot on SABC1’s Gospel Unplugged. With his Testimonies and Faith-filled music, Ṣe Ok hopes to build a culture of Faith-based, God-fearing youth, who are unashamed to boldly state and live by their beliefs. Running my Race is the rapper’s own celebration to the Grace with which God has Blessed his journey, and ours too. 

Listen to Ṣe Ok Below: