A few months back Selah the Corner was a guest on Community During Chaos. During the time of his interview, he had just completed something he was calling “Verses 4 Nurses.” Essentially, Selah was dropping feature verses and giving the full proceeds to those on the frontlines of COVID-19 in Queens, NY.

“When something crazy happens you either have a choice of yielding to the chaos or leaning on the God of order. And God will be glorified through the order that’s operating in your life despite the chaos. You grab on what you control and you move something,” he shared.

For him, he still had a job, still could provide, so he asked himself, “What can I do with that privilege?”

“I got a studio, I can rap a bit, let me go feed the hungry.”

Selah chopped his feature verse price in half and then gave 100% of the proceeds to men and women in the frontlines of medical service. At first, he fed 15 families and filled their whole refrigerator up.

He asked a medical worker friend for the hardest hit hospital for COVID-19. “I need everybody’s name that’s struggling right now…someone that needs money, give me a name.”

Then a few weeks later he ran Verses 4 Nurses back and raised even more money and helped more families.

Watch Selah the Corner Below (26-minute mark):