Josiah Williams Talks on Opportunities He’s Missed Due to His Race

Josiah Williams

A few months back WWE personality Josiah Williams was a guest on Community During Chaos. At that time he had just been furloughed from his dream job at the company (he’s back now). The rapper and host spoke about the racial injustice in the country and his experience with COVID-19.

Toward the end of the interview, he was asked whether he’s ever “found it harder to gain opportunities” as an African American. He didn’t have one example of anyone outright denying him because of that reason, but it didn’t take too much imagination for him to figure out why.

Many of his experiences have happened when he switched from hip-hop to regular hip-hop. One example he gave was being on stage with Chance the Rapper one day and then being denied radio support on a Christian station the next – “our market is Contemporary Christian. Not people who look like you.”

Another instance he gave was when he was doing creative content for a college basketball team. Williams had suggestions for videos, music, etc, and was told, “no they can’t do a faith and family night with Christian hip-hop.”

“I’ve always noticed that,” he revealed.

Christian rap music has always been the neglected child of Christian music for a long time. It’s always had to make its own lane just like gospel music. What do they have in common? Both rap and gospel are segregated from mainline Christian music (digress).

Throughout all this, Williams said – “The difference is how I chose to present myself. I don’t let it stress me out…I have goals just like everyone else.”

He continued, “I’m stopping because of what you think about me.”

Williams is careful at which battles he chooses to fight and would rather bide his actions for when the time is right.

“I rather support change than be stagnant and do nothing at all,” he said.

Most importantly, more than ever, there are great black men and women of character for young people to see in entertainment. He cites people of character like LeBron James, Serena Williams, and wrestlers such as Titus O’Neil and Kofi Kingston.

Watch Josiah Williams Below (1 hour, 1 minute mark):


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