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Fits & Drip: the State of Fashion within Christian Rap

Fits & Drip: the State of Fashion within Christian Rap

I can remember being extremely young and seeing the music video for “Jesus Muzik” with Lecrae and Trip Lee in like 2006. I was immediately in awe with the cars, scenes, but most importantly the clothes. With baggy tees and snapbacks that really defined that whole era, it was clear that the sub-genre had something to say when it came to their outfit choice.

Even today, fashion pioneers in the space such as Parris Chariz, Jay-Way, and Tommy Royale repeatedly turn heads whenever they have a new post on IG or Twitter. It’s really exciting to see where the sense of fashion has come along within Christian rap, and it’s even more so to see where it is headed.

With that being said, here are some CHH artists with easily the hardest fits. Shoutout to @chh.fashion on Instagram for the references.

Foggieraw – Always using his complexion to make his clothes pop, Foggie usually can be seen sporting a bright puffer, uniquely colored shoes, and color coordination, that is nearly unrivaled.

Tommy Royale – A superb pioneer in the space, Tommy has been making his mark with every outfit he posts online.

Jay-Way – With either a matching set or something that makes you go whoa, Jay-Way- is no stranger to the fashion game.

Parris Chariz – Parris never fails to remind us of how far he has come regarding dressing up. Though since those days, Parris has been that and every fit goes to say he will continue to be that.

NotKlyde – Though NotKlyde’s outfits might make you go huhhhh, there is no question that NotKlyde’s outfit choices are not to be questioned.

If you have any more people in Christian rap that I missed, drop them below!


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