Over the summer Dee-1 joined us on Community During Chaos to talk about his at the time upcoming track “Racist Christians.” He knew the song would be controversial but in reality, the song had a simple, yet important message.

“Amidst talks of racial tension, ‘Racist Christians’, it’s time someone made a song that says it’s a complete contradiction to be a racist and a Christian. We have a long history in the church of blatant examples of racism and people feeling like it’s separate.”

He continued, “I have never experienced racism in the church.” But he added the caveat of, when putting that concept out for a song, a lot of people responded with, “heck yeah I’ve experienced racism.”

From then on, he heard story after story from people he knew.

“We have to make sure as Christians we come out of this stronger and more together,” he stated. “Every institution wants to be better.”

Ultimately, he wants these conversations to lead people to “Repent and change.”

“I will speak to anyone from any walk of life…I can speak to them from a place of knowledge or facts…” said Dee.

One of his biggest points was, “If we could kill racism, instead of the skin problem we can start focusing on the sin problem because there’s still evil in the world.”

Watch Dee-1 Below (1 Hour 5 minute mark):

Listen to “Racist Christians”: