Isaac Mather

Producer Creates Beat by Sampling His Tourettes Tics

Isaac Mather took to social media to open up about his challenges with Tourettes as a creative. He explained he’s struggled with “vocal tics” since he was 13. He’s 18 now.

He was encouraged to turn his lemons into lemonade in a sense. He took the advice and little did he know what would happen next.

After someone sparked the idea of him vocal sampling one of his tics, he actually tried it on one of his self-produced tracks. Isaac shared the track on social media and the support from CHH elites poured in his comments!

Check out Isaac Mather Below:


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Written by Robert Holloway

Robert "Wit-Nezz" Holloway is from Chicago, IL and currently resides in the Atlanta, GA area. He has written published articles since 2012 via and has a strong passion for producing music, writing songs, articles, web content and messages for youth service at his local church. You can find him somewhere on the Atlanta Hip Hop scene, engaging youth at his local church or chilling at home with his wife and 3 kids. He dilignetly seeks creative ways to share the Gospel and is passionate about pushing the culture forward.

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