Break Bread Entertainment is a brotherhood, a coalition of disciples of Jesus Christ, which includes: Rickavessel, Cell Blok, and Lyriq Nawqiy. Recently the three came together to form this collective and join musical ventures.

We live in a world of contempt and discord, where being in agreement appears to be a foreign concept and opposing beliefs are equated to a lack of love.

In a climate where everyone is at odds with one another, Break Bread Entertainment’s second single declares they want, “No Beef.” In this anthemic driven record, the tandem of Cell Blok, Lyriq Nawqiy & Rickavessel share their understanding that the fight is not against flesh and blood. (Ephesians 6:12)

As they seek to spread the gospel and break bread in hopes of revealing Christ to all those with an ear to hear; they each understand, as Rickavessel puts it, “my enemies invisible.” In this song, the three Chicago emcees combat lies with truth, hate with love, and seek to present the gospel message of grace and peace.

Listen to Break Bread Entertainment Below: