Last year I shared 40 indie Christian rap artists by doing these picks of the month. So I’m stoked to embark on a new year and introduce a whole new set of new artists for your headphones. Let’s go!

Young Parker

Young Parker is so calm and cool when he raps it just chills me out. Don’t mistake his laid back rhymes for lack of hustle. This man dropped three projects last year, and of course, just dropped a new single on Jan 8. Hop on the wave by following his Spotify here. Check the vibe in this video otherwise:

JAS Musik

JAS stands for “just a servant” and is hailing from Michigan. He’s been around for a minute but he’s got bars, so I can’t, not, tell you about him. He just dropped a new single featuring L. Dejuan, and his newest album Trials Before Paradise dropped last summer. Hit the follow on the Spotify, and watch his newest video below:

Terrance Richmond

I had a note to listen to Terrance back in May of 2020 and I didn’t see that note until last week. When I finally listened to Glory Cloud I was absolutely blown away. His discography is full of features from Scribe Music, Mission, Sean C. Johnson, and V. Rose. When you consider his gospel flavor and razor-sharp rhymes, my goodness…this Vancouver, BC emcee has a lot of heat in his catalog. Please listen/follow him here. Or watch this video:

Kofi Khae

On his newest EP, Kofi declares that he is More Than Meets The Eye. He has a humble demeanor on the mic, yet still has a confident presence that makes you keep listening. Another rapper from Canada who I feel could make some noise if he stays at it. Make Kofi one of your first new follows on Spotify this year, or at least listen here:

Have you heard any of these Christian Rap artists? Who should I feature next month? Comment Below.