Top 10 Most Read Interviews on in 2020

It’s been a long year, but one packed with amazing stories, dialogue, and music. The following list is our Top 10 Most Read Interviews of 2020.

Laila Mickelwait Battles Pornhub Over Child Sex Trafficking, Exploitation, & Rape [Interview]

Laila Mickelwait

Laila Mickelwait is a woman with a purpose. She is determined, relentless, prepared, and diligent with her goals. She is someone who doesn’t just think, she acts and executes. The most incredible part is this drive and work ethic isn’t for her personal gain – it’s for the gain of tens of thousands without a voice and ability to get it done themselves.

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Lecrae On Convos With Kanye, KB Leaving, Unashamed Tour Returning, & More [Interview]


Last week we took a deep dive into Lecrae and his journey of restoration. The rapper opened up about his fight against the voices in his head, the self-doubt, and the loss of identity. The subject was definitely heavy and personal.

While the goal of telling a proper story reflecting one’s art is to sometimes highlight the more intense and vulnerable moments, every conversation should also have a lighter tone as well. The following article is Lecrae expounding on his relationships with Kanye West and Rapsody, talking about the Unashamed tour and artists, and finally giving his thoughts about KB leaving the label.

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Lecrae Reveals Plans To Retire From Music Soon


We had a really great time with Christian rap artist and Reach Records founder Lecrae on our Community During Chaos Instagram live session alongside other hip hop heads Coop and CJ Luckey.

The interview with Lecrae was an interesting one and a great experience as he spoke about several pressing issues ranging from Black Lives Matter, the “White Blessing” interview, the LGBT community, his new album Restoration to be expected alongside his book, Reach Record’s 2020 Summer Playlist, and many more.


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Lecrae Found Restoration After An Identity Crisis Left Him Feeling Like A Failure [INTERVIEW]


“When you get to the end, there’s nothing left to hide and you can be honest.” Sometimes the voices we hear the loudest are the ones in our own heads. Lecrae spent years battling these voices that were also warring with the ones raining down on his conscience from outside. Each outside voice was like an arrow with his name on it saying things like: “Sold his soul,” “of the world,” “manipulative,” “wolf,” and so on. They started piecing through the armor and damaging what was left of an already weakened defense.

Read the full story here.

Muslim Born, Christian Made, Career Change, & New Lane – How Wande Got To This EXIT [Interview]

Photo by Jaylon Ashaun

Over the years we’ll make a series of stops along this journey we call life. Every time we veer off the road to hit a new destination, it’s an exit we make to start on a new path. As the scenario flashes before our eyes, sometimes we need to just pull over and soak in what’s really happening. For Wande, it’s her time to soak in the sights, and see how far she’s come. But before we get there, the story of how she got to this place is as remarkable as the one on where she’s headed.

Read the full story here.

Finally Comfortable In His Own Skin, GAWVI Is OK Being A ‘Heathen’ [Interview]


When you think of someone putting in the 10,000 hours required to master a craft, you think about some of the most gifted and talented professionals in the world. When history looks back to document these key moments and say, “This person is important because…” you see a definitive timeline of where they came from, how they got there, and how they transformed the world around them. In Christian music, this person is GAWVI, and with his album Heathen, he is trying to make a bridge between worlds that can never seem to align properly.

Read the full story here.

Rapzilla Freshmen Seni.: Is He The Next Big Face Of Christian Rap?


Today’s Rapzilla Freshmen interview brings us to seni. aka smoovy. This young Polynesian rapper, producer, and singer had quite a 2019. Some felt he was worthy of the Freshmen nod last year, but we thought his 2019 would cement him – it did. One of his biggest moments was appearing on the 116 Summer Playlist track “Switches” with Joey Vantes and Jon Keith.

Read the full story here.

Rapzilla Freshmen Swaizy: Wise Beyond His Years & Music Beyond His Peers

Photo by @andre.shoots at Light Work Event at A3C hosted by

Wisdom that precedes age, that’s ‘Swaizy’. The Hawaiian-born artist hopes to celebrate the autobiographical spirit of ‘Hispanic influences and heavy southern trap’ within his music. He came out the gate last year dropping a couple of singles, winning a Rapzilla live critique session at A3C, and taking it all in stride with gratitude and humility – so we knew he was a 2020 freshman ready to work.

Read the full article here.

Rapzilla Freshman Arrow: 17-Year-Old Producer Is Shaping The Future Sound Of Christian Rap


The Rapzilla 2020 Freshman list has had the honor of a couple of debut interviews this round. We continue the pattern with our lists’ only producer this year. Arrow was born for beats, or so it seems for this 17-year-old, self-taught producer, who researched and finessed his own way into learning this craft.

Read the full story here.

Chris Broussard Wants To Empower Christians To Be Bold Despite What Popular Opinions Dictate

Chris Broussard

Chris Broussard is a man of many hats. He is a sports journalist, a sports analyst, an NBA aficionado, occasionally a preacher, and most importantly a Christian. Broussard is also the founder of The K.I.N.G. Movement which was to have its 6th annual men’s conference in a few weeks. It has since been postponed due to the Corona Virus.

Read the full article here.

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