Top 10 Most Read Features on Rapzilla.com in 2020

Despite all the rough stories making headlines in 2020, there were many that cut through and got us thinking. Our Top 10 Most Read Features of 2020 are the op-ed’s, deep thoughts, or breakdowns that were penned by our team. Take a look at this year’s most-read ones.

NF ‘The Search’ – Addressing The Critics [Op-Ed]


Hip-hop fans were stunned when NF’s recent album, The Search, had reached number one on the Billboard charts, topping Chance the Rapper’s highly anticipated release, The Big Day. According to The Fader, the project sold 130,000 units, which was more than initially expected, and beat The Big Day by 22,000 units.

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Here’s Everything We Know About Lecrae’s ‘Restoration’


Fresh off the release of the YK Osiris-assisted “Set Me Free,” the first single from Restoration, it seems Lecrae’s ninth solo studio album is just around the corner. Through teasing for over four months, Lecrae has given us details about the highly anticipated album. Here is as much info as can be found on the album.

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5 Reasons Artists Consider Leaving Christian Rap [Op-Ed]

Derek Minor

Late this past Thursday night RMG head honcho Derek Minor tapped into his inner Sisqo and unleashed the “dragon” on his Twitter feed, tackling the reasons he feels so many have considered leaving the genre behind. In his initial tweet, the Mayor of Minorville addressed the issue of an artist leaving Christian rap, citing the harsh treatment and critical judgments from fans as a few of the reasons many choose to exit the genre. Let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of the statements from D Minor X.

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Bar Exam: Lecrae – Restoration (First Listen Review)

Lecrae Restoration Album Cover

My fandom of Lecrae began when I heard Church Clothes 1. I know, I was late to the game. While I had heard his song “Represent” back in college, it never hit me at an emotional level. Around that time I really felt like Lecrae set the bar for CHH and what it could be. However, the last time I reviewed Lecrae I wasn’t really feeling it. So, needless to say, I’m excited for my faith in Lecrae to potentially experience a “restoration” of sorts today. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it)

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Christian Rap Music Projects We Are Looking Out For In 2020

Christian rap

One thing that delights music listeners is when their favorite artist releases new songs, a feeling they always long to have. However, they get more joyful when a project whether an EP, LP, or mixtape is to be expected from these acts.

The year 2019 had us witness dope projects many of which topped charts; nobigdyl (Lowercase Tape), NF (The Search), Dee 1 (Girls and God), and many other projects.

In 2020, we expect greater domination of different Christian rap artists with their projects possibly dropping this year.

Here are some music acts from across the globe whose projects we look forward to in 2020.

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The Lyrical Evolution Of Lecrae From ‘Real Talk’ To ‘Restoration’


Two-time grammy-award winning artist Lecrae has been widely known by CHH and the wider hip-hop community as a prominent Christian rapper. Beginning his career in 2004 with Real Talk, Lecrae has released nine studio albums, including the contemporary Let the Trap Say Amen with Zaytoven in 2019 and his upcoming Restoration in March.

Over the course of his 16-year career, Lecrae has stayed true to the tenets of his faith but also changed tremendously as a person in terms of opinions, convictions, and beliefs. These dynamics have bled out in the lyrical content of his music and show a definite difference from the passage of time. Specifically, Lecrae has evolved lyrically as an artist through pushing forward Christ in a way that engages culture, makes sense of reality, and shares personal details of his life, ultimately “changing the way people see the world.”

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Top Streamed Christian Rap Songs Of Each Year In Decade

Christian rap

A week ago, Rapzilla published an article on the top 15 most streamed songs in the decade. Today, this list will look at the top streamed Christian Rap songs of each year from 2010 to 2019. Keep in mind, these statistics are based on the time of this article, not by the end of each year.

*** The following statistics are based on Spotify. Apple Music doesn’t release their streaming numbers to the public. Numbers are based on the day before this article was released.***

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Kanye West & Lecrae: Restoration In A Godless Country (Song Comparison)

Kanye West and Lecrae

With the latest highly publicized killings of Black citizens at the hands of law enforcement, leaders have emerged seeking both justice and restoration. Two of these leaders, Kanye West and Lecrae, elected to use their platforms as hip-hop artists, addressing their pain with one of the most unifying forces of all, music. But Crae and Ye also identify as Christians. Thus their feelings are filtered through a biblical worldview that recognizes the pain of present circumstances but professes hope in a better tomorrow.

Read the whole article here.

What’s In A Name? Christian Rap Artists Who Underwent A Rebrand

Christian rap

Christian rap is littered with these rebranded artists. There are so many artists who took to a bit of rebranding in hopes of…well, in hopes of something. Some did it to signify an image change while some did it to increase the market value of their brand. Some did it for personal reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable rebranding and name changes in the CHH community. Perhaps, this will be the first of a few lists!

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15 Christian Rap Albums That Turn 10 Years Old In 2020

Christian Rap

Christian Rap has come a long way since 2010. During that year, Derek Minor was still Pro, DJ Official was alive and well with Reach Records, and the Unashamed Movement was blossoming. While 2010 was a relatively quiet year for releases, there were a few notable ones.

Read the full story here.

Which of these features was your favorite?

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