Sonny Sandoval of the longtime Christian rap/rock band P.O.D. recently did an interview with Thomas Iannucci. They were promoting Iannucci’s new single “Rage” which was off his new project Doubting Thomas.

Toward the end of the interview, Sonny revealed a bit about his plans as an artist and the future of the band.

“This whole covid and quarantine thing actually got me writing a solo reggae album,” Sonny said. “It’s kind of hip-hoppy.”

He continued, “I might just throw a couple of hip-hop tracks.”

For a longtime Sandoval has been questioned about whether he’d ever make a solo rap album. He has somewhat close proximity to CHH and this feature with Thomas is fresh. He’s also done a song with Lecrae in the past – “Children of Light.”

He’s been doing verses for artists here and there with beats. “Whenever someone asks me to do a verse, I enjoy it. I love hip-hop music,” he said.

It seems crazy to think about it, but next year will be the 20th anniversary of 9/11. P.O.D.’s smashingly successful album Satellite was also released on that same day 20 years ago.

“We’ll tour around the world,” the singer said. “We are already planning for that. We have dates on the calendar.”

The plan was to play the 9/11 in NY at a smaller club, playing the record in its entirety. It would truly be a chilling and emotional experience.

Watch Sonny Sandoval below: