Social Club Misfits recently spoke to Rapzilla about their new project Feared by Hell. In the interview, they were asked about what they felt were their top “game-changing” moments as a group.

“There’s a bunch of moments,” said Marty. “One was ‘Que Lo Que’. ‘Que Lo Que’ was a good crossover Latin song that did very well… Latin music doesn’t stop, it keeps going.”

He then mentioned, “War Cry” featuring Tauren Wells. “We won an award off of it. It’s one of our best selling songs. It was a big deal.”

Marty then candidly referenced some of the things he’d change about back to back albums The Misadventures of Fern & Marty and Into the Night. He felt that since there were a bunch of producers on the projects, some of the songs felt out of place. Perhaps a more focused production effort would have yielded better results.

However, those albums proved to be the thing that put them over the top despite critics of it.

Misadventures was a great project and when we put that out, people crapped on it,” he said.

Hulvey even told them it was his favorite album by them while on tour.

“Our music hits later on maybe. I don’t know what it is,” said Marty. “I like that project. Then Into the Night we wanted to show more of the lyrical side.”

He continued, “We’ve been able to shift our career over time into a brand that gives you quality music that doesn’t sound like Reach…it sounds like it’s own entity…I think Social Club has made the effort to stretch Christian music in our own way, in a special way crossing over into CCM, into Latin.”

Watch Social Club Misfits Below (14 minute mark):