Ruslan had Jon Keith go live with him on Patreon to explain Keith’s departure from King’s Dream Entertainment. The young emcee made the announcement on Instagram today. His final project on the label was Anti-Hero.


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Ruslan and Keith have been working together since 2016 and had a four project agreement. Now that Keith has fulfilled his end of the deal which was also a 50/50 split, he’s leaving to move on to other opportunities. This includes a better split elsewhere with RMG Amplify.

“God moved the both of us into different seasons,” said Keith. This has been in the works since before COVID even started they said.

Keith said he learned a lot from Ruslan with his time there. He looks at “everything with the curiosity of a child…let me see how to do this,” he said referring to his grind and making things happen.

Keith answered a few questions with Ruslan’s Zoom Patrons. He said he doesn’t see himself taking another deal elsewhere. He’s also currently working on a collective called the Village.

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