All the way back on the third episode of Community During Chaos, Ruslan was the closing guest of the show that also featured Kadence and A.I. the Anomaly. The episode from start to finish was fantastic but when Ruslan came on, the conversation took off!

What followed was two people who are usually asking the questions to guests, were instead, dialoguing back and forth with each other about some of 2020s most serious topics. The conversation was focused but dabbled all over.

Ruslan spoke about his experiences with a biracial son, his own experience as a Russian immigrant, protesting, and using his platform to have tough convos. At the same time, the topics ranged from 400 years of slavery to the Holocaust and even briefly touched on Falt Eathers.

Overall the conversation was extremely edifying and one of the highlights of the entire 25 episodes of Community During Chaos.

Watch Ruslan Below (49:17 mark):