A while back, Murs and Dee-1, appeared on Rapzilla’s Pen Game 101 to talk about their album He’s the Christian, I’m the Rapper. The album was one of a kind in that Murs is an indie underground legend and a non-Christian artist while Dee-1 has been holding it down for CHH.

The album hits on some of these secular/Christian topics and brings up great discussions.

Toward the end of the interview panelist, Luc DiMarzio asked, “Murs, could you name another rapper you’d want to make a Christian themed album with?”

“TobyMac and Tobe Nwigwe…two of the most iconic people…” Murs replied. He then said Reconcile would be on his list too.

Dee-1 was asked a similar question but for a secular collaboration, and he said “Starlito or Lil Wayne.”

Watch Murs & Dee-1 Below (1 Hour 9 minute mark):