“Don’t wanna waste my life!” Cam raps on the hook to Lecrae’s 2008 track “Don’t Waste Your Life.” After dropping seven studio albums, winning multiple Grammys, and being a New York Times Best-Selling author, one might think that this is all evidence of a life well-lived for Lecrae. Yet never one to rest on his laurels, the prolific emcee & author has announced two exciting partnerships in the wake of his post-music career. 

These partnerships both speak to his commitment to building up creatives while also serving his community in Atlanta With Collab Capital, an investment fund leveraging financial, human, and social capital to help Black founders build sustainable, innovation-centered businesses. Lecrae has joined as a Venture Partner.

Managing Partner Justin Dawkins, shared how Collab Capital was built to equip and help black entrepreneurs with the resources they need to be successful and Lecrae’s role as a Venture Partner helps “bridge the gap between the business acumen and networks of influencers and technical dexterity of young Black founders,” according to Collab Capital’s official website. 

On the partnership, Lecrae shared how the choice was a no-brainer. “For me, it was very important to partner with individuals who are skilled, talented, and committed to the vision that they believe and really doing the work that they say they want to see happen in people’s lives,” he said in adulation. “Contributing to the black community really gives me a sense of joy because I feel as if I am allowing my ceiling to be someone else’s floor…[what] investing [looks like for] me giving my time, my talents, and my treasure to what I believe in.” 

Managing Partner Barry Givens likewise shared that, “It is important for founders of color particularly, black founders, to have black investors because it gives them a safe space  and this really allows the founder to be themselves.” Lecrae’s involvement hopefully further adds to this constructive and welcoming ambiance for creatives to dream big without any hindrance. 

Never one to forget his roots or his community, Lecrae’s next venture finds him further continuing his investment in pouring into and helping restore Atlanta by joining the board of Grove Park Renewal, a non-profit working to provide affordable housing in the Grove Park neighborhood on the West Side of Atlanta.

In the official press release on GPR’s official website, Lecrae shared “Grove Park Renewal is invested in the community at the deepest level. That’s where I want to serve…I live in Atlanta and the light that shines the farthest shines the brightest at home.”

Lecrae’s partnership and presence are a comforting one, says Justin Bleeker, director of GPR, as the rapper’s years of being an entrepreneur and a social conscious philanthropist help keep the importance of affordable housing for people at the forefront of the community’s minds. 

“Yeah, uh, now maybe this the end of a long run / Can’t believe they let us make it this far” Lecrae raps on the final track of Restoration, “Nothing Left to Hide.”

Though he’ll always be making music, it is inspiring to see that the justice he strove for in his music is reflected in his personal life, continuing and furthering his work as an advocate, artist, creative, community partner, and storyteller.

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