Rapper and producer Kadence has continued to give and give to his East Side Oklahoma City community. A few months ago he was on Community During Chaos and spoke about his center for youth – The Bridge Impact Center.

In 2016, Kadence had spoken to Rapzilla about this dream he had of opening the center. It was still in the very early stages. Now, it’s been serving the community for a couple of years.

2020 has obviously been a tough year, but the Bridge Impact Center is trying to send the youth out with a memorable Christmas.

“We are providing gifts to needy families in the community,” he said. “We linked up with local donors to gather funds and use them to shop for each family. There is a gift wrapping party tomorrow (Dec 22) where volunteers will be helping us get everything ready to be delivered to the families by Christmas Eve.”

Kadence was raised in this very community he’s serving in. He said that kids don’t have access to many things.

“We want to give you the tools to succeed, but I’m not trying to carry you on my back,” he said of the Bridge Impact Center. “We’re about empowering young people in the community, finding leaders…[finding] identity as a child of God.”

They are bringing in the youth and trying to pair them with things they can do and excel at. Teens who come in can get involved with music, dance, art, coding, and even join the program “J’s for A’s.” That’s when a student gets a pair of Nike Jordan’s for straight A’s. It’s a motivation that he does even with his own children.

There is also discipleship and a mental health side for trauma therapy for kids in the community.

“Be the master of your own destiny…the potential God put in you.”

Watch Kadence Below (19:08 mark):

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