One of the craziest stories Hulvey told on his episode of Pen Game 101 was that he and Ace Harris “scrapped” an entire complete project.

He says, “I literally finished a full-length album. We [Ace Harris] got it to where we wanted it…our bar is a classic album.”

He continued, “Then the JuiceWrld record came out. There’s this song ‘Come and Go’ and Ace called and said that ‘Record is crazy’. I feel like we can make stuff this good.”

The young emcee says that Harris then proposed to scrap the album. They figured some of those songs may still make the album, but it was back to the drawing board.

“I’m going for what God has for me…something that’s going to really rock people.”

All three of the Keep Breathing tracks released so far were from that scrapped album while they continue to create the new music.

“There’s no point in settling. Those songs are ready to go but it’s more so there’s so much untapped territory that we didn’t try yet,” he concluded.

Watch Hulvey Below (45:35 mark):