Flood Society’s MC S.A.V, This Is Aces, T Lock, & Ceez unite to capture this nostalgic visual for the fresh new single “Streets Of Faith” following up the album’s recent release.

This live-action 16bit music video embodies elements every video game lover relates to. Its classic remembrance of “Streets of Rage” brings a sense of joy ‘Gamers’ and viewers alike can appreciate this time of the year! It’s a creative new stroll down memory lane for some and a desirable new experience for others. One thing’s for sure, once you ‘Press Start’… you’re in for a ride!

From a motorcycle entrance with high-speed bars, a resounding dynamic chorus, and a unified, team presence Streets Of Faith is what we all needed as we end 2020 and fight off whatever demons the world may throw at us.

Streets Of Faith couldn’t have been any more relevant. As we all step into unchartered territory with 2021 approaching; we have to come together in unity and walk with God through Streets Of Faith.

Flood Society isn’t just Hip Hop, they’re a team, a family. They represent diversity, unity, racial equality, community, and most importantly a common core value of love for God. This powerful single portrays that with your faith placed in Christ and a heart rooted in God, regardless of where you’ve been, and whatever path in life you’re walking down, God will always be there like the lamp at your feet so your path may be kept straight.

Flood Society’s title track single released from their sophomore album Streets Of Faith was recorded in Seattle and San Antonio with MC S.A.V & JMR from Flood Society, as well as the video’s editing being done in house by MC S.A.V.

Watch Flood Society Below: