Andy Mineo has been building upon a concept for nearly half a decade. Starting with his project Never Land, in 2014, Mineo would grip tight to this idea of Peter Pan. The cover features various items important to Peter Pan or the story. Within that cover are the objects of an “Arrow” and a “Sword.” Those two objects would be back to back EPs in 208.

Obviously sprinkled throughout were non-Peter Pan themed projects, Uncomfortable, Magic & Bird, and A Work in Progress, but now we’re back on course with Happy Thoughts. The theme appears to be EPs with all having seven tracks except for I: The Arrow.

Mineo recently spoke to us for an interview, and in it, he said he has tracks from his next three projects lined up. He didn’t say which ones, but here’s the guess based on details he said and artwork.

Andy Mineo

The order is a total guess but based on the above poster and Mineo’s coyness to the question of whether “Feather” and “Key” are two of his next projects, let’s say: III: The Feather and IV: The Key will complete the four-part set started with I: The Arrow and II: The Sword. If you’re paying attention, not only is there an arrow and sword on the Never Land cover, but there are a feather and key as well.

This will make way for the final project of the set, Never Land 2 which could potentially be a full album.


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Obviously, nothing being said here is groundbreaking. Andy has already spoken about Never Land 2, but it’s fun to watch his clues and subtle hints. One of the things he spoke about in the interview was putting a lot of effort into his artwork and lyrics only for it to go over people’s heads.

So for now, we can only wait and see what’s to come!

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